HKSpace NetworkHKSpace Network
Cluster System
HKSpace Network offers a broad range of clustered hosting solutions for businesses and applications that require a greater level of scalability to meet rapid deployment or growth.

Key Features of Clustered Hosting Solutions:

  Ability to optimize applications
100% uptime
Scalable software/hardware
Advanced monitoring for increased reliability
High availability to ensure application accessibility
Distributed traffic across multiple web/application servers
High-end E-Business capabilities
2 web servers and 1 application server. The 2 web servers are setup as dominant, dominant to work cooperatively to ensure the availability of web content even during a hardware or software failure. Should one web server crash or fail the second web server will pick up the entire load.
Firewall Shared
Switch Shared Cisco 2924 24 Port Switch - 3 dedicated ports
Web/Application Server
Single Intel Pentium 4 2.6 GHz
Unix / Apache OS or Windows 2000/IIS5
256 KB cache
512 MB DDR3200 RAM
Two 80 GB ULTRA ATA/133 with RAID-1
Dual 100 MBps Bay Networks Ethernet Cards
32-Bit PCI Graphics Adapter w/ 2 MB RAM
Bandwidth Dedicated Bandwidth: 100GB (unlimited bursting)
Backup Backup: Full daily backups of each server
UPS Shared Compaq 3000R

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