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Enterprise-Level System
HKSpace Network's Custom Enterprise Solutions enable any sized company to develop and protect their mission critical online environment through scalable and robust custom hardware.

Enterprise-Level Hosting Solutions from HKSpace Network can help you deal with one of those problems that it's actually great to have: millions of hits at the same time. That kind of traffic only remains a "good problem" if it does not crash your site or result in potential customers being turned away. There are no simple fixes. You can not just set up an additional server and copy your website's contents onto it. It takes expert knowledge and in-depth planning to design the hardware topography required to handle the stress that millions of simultaneous hits place on a web server environment.

HKSpace Network has years of experience helping some of the most successful sites in the world combat the stress of simultaneous customer demand and prevent load failure. Each enterprise hosting customer receives the services of a hosting engineer. Your engineer will consult with you and will design and deploy a high-availability solution tailor-made for your needs. Employing a proven, managed solution from HKSpace Network, our experts will monitor your site's availability 24 hours a day to make sure that your content is delivered on time every time no matter how many hits you are getting.

  Starting at $13,800 per month
  Starting at $12,000 startup
Do you need back-end application servers capable of handing millions of database queries or e-business transactions? Do you need scalable hardware and software?

If so, Clustering Solutions are perfect for you.

  Starting at $15,800 per month
  Starting at $12,000 startup
Do you need 100% uptime guaranteed? Does your site require quick deployment and scalable hardware to meet your site's millions of hits?

Try our load-balancing solutions to give your site the extra reliability it needs.

  Starting at $17,800 per month
  Starting at $12,000 startup
With HKSpace Network’s Geographic Content Distribution & Load Balancing we can place your web site across our private network of 3 data centers in Pacific SuperNet, HGC and i-Advantage. By placing your content where your clients are, now a client in oversea can pull your content locally giving him faster content delivery faster transaction times on SSL purchases and faster database lookups and queries.
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